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Tips on how to care for trees.

Winter Tree Care Checklist

Winter Tree Care Checklist

Winter tree care is something that is important to keep in mind, as the trees on your property can be at risk when a big winter storm is upon us. At Capella Tree Service, we have certified arborists on staff that can assess your trees to determine if they are at risk. Making a plan before a tree emergency happens will put you and your trees at ease.

Winter Tree Care Benefits

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Winter tree care is not something many of us consider once the colder months set in. However, there are many advantages to maintaining the trees on your property during the winter. Not only is it one of our favourite times of year to complete tree work, it is the most beneficial to trees.

The Benefits of Mulch

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The benefits of mulch are countless. The wood chips that we create using our wood chipper can be put to great use!