Kitchener Tree Service

Kitchener Tree Service

Capella Tree Service in Kitchener

Capella Tree Service has been serving homeowners and businesses in the Kitchener area for over 20 years. We are dedicated to preserving and promoting tree health and ensuring that the goals and bylaws set out by the City of Kitchener are adhered to. Contact us today for your free consultation!

Kitchener is an Innovator

Kitchener is a beautiful city in Southwestern Ontario, about 100 km west of Toronto. It is part of the Grand River Watershed and contains more than 1600 hectares of parkland. Known as Berlin until 1916, Kitchener is the first city in Canada to launch a blue box recycling program.

Sustainable Urban Forest Strategy

The City of Kitchener is committed to ensuring the health of the urban canopy and partners with the community to achieve this. Kitchener has recently implemented a Sustainable Urban Forest Strategy, which outlines actions, goals, and a plan to protect the urban forest.

Tree Conservation Bylaw

Along with this plan for a Sustainable Urban Forest Strategy, the City of Kitchener also has a tree conservation bylaw that sets out rules about tree removal and pruning in Kitchener. According to the bylaw, trees that are on property owned by the City are to be maintained and removed by the City.