Winter Tree Care Benefits

Image of winter tree work

Winter Tree Care Benefits

Winter tree care is not something many of us consider once the colder months set in. However, there are many advantages to maintaining the trees on your property during the winter. Not only is it one of our favourite times of year to complete tree work, it is the most beneficial to trees.

Easier Assessment of Tree Structure

When assessing the safety of a tree’s structure, the leaves can make it difficult to see the imperfections. After the leaves have fallen off the tree, our arborists can easily detect structural defects in the trees.

Less Stress on the Tree

During the winter months, trees become dormant. Pruning branches on a tree in the winter will not use up the tree’s much needed energy in the spring and summer months.

Less Chance for Storm Damage

A well-pruned tree has less chance for damage to winter storms. If trees are assessed and taken care of properly before a storm hits, it will increase odds for survival.

Less Chance for Disease

In fact, certain trees (oak, elm, and birch) should only be pruned in the fall or winter. Dutch elm disease and oak wilt are spread by insects. The insects that are active in the warmer months are dormant during the cooler seasons, making the winter season ideal for pruning trees that are susceptible to disease.

Less Impact to the Surrounding Area

Our staff is always considerate of the areas surrounding a tree. An additional benefit to winter tree care is less chance for soil impaction when the ground is frozen and dormant