We Care

We Care about Trees

Capella Tree Service cares about trees! Our tree care company cares so much about trees that we have a preventive tree management philosophy. We consider our environmental responsibility in everything we do.

Removal of a Poplar Tree in Rockwood, ON by Capella Tree Service

Preserve and Promote Tree Health

Capella Tree Service has made a conscious decision to preserve and promote tree health.

We won’t remove trees unnecessarily. Often we are able to change a request for complete removal into a simple pruning exercise.

Reduce Soil Compaction

A conscious effort is made to reduce soil compaction. For example, our staff do don’t drop large pieces of wood onto the root area of other trees. In doing so, we do not prevent the restriction of root growth and the movement of water through the soil.

Environmentally Conscious

The environment and our urban canopy is something that we are very conscious of. Reducing our carbon footprint is what we aim for. We also use use Biodegradable bar oil and non-spill gas cans to help minimize our impact on the environment.