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• Helps inhibit certain disease

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By Kevin Mengers

March 20th, 2009 Newmarket, ON - Volunteer Arborists from the Ontario Commercial Arborist Association will unite on April 29th 2009 to provide service and care to trees at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Klienburg Ontario. The 100 acre property is home to Canada’s only public Gallery devoted 100% to Canadian content. It is here that the Ontario Commercial Arborist Association will hold the 2009 Arborist Day of Service. Volunteers from over 40 Member companies of the OCAA will climb, prune, brace and beautify trees on the property designated for preservation. The OCAA annually provides an Arborist Day of Service to communities in order to create public awareness of Arboriculture and improve the welfare of trees.

In the past the OCAA Arborist Day of Service has helped the Sharon Temple Museum, Camp Samac, and other community facilities. Member companies have provided brush chippers, trucks in which chipped materials are hauled away, and stump grinders to eliminate unsightly stumps and roots. Bucket trucks with aerial booms to allow Arborists to quickly gain access to tree canopies have also been employed at past events. Pride of ownership is often visible as tools and equipment are washed and polished to look their best for the big event.

This is a day for sharing as well. The volunteers banter and cajole one another with a friendly competitiveness to work their best and get the job done for the host facility. Volunteer Arborists share their techniques, tricks, ideas and tools that they have creatively employed to make their work safer, easier and more efficient. The exchange of information with peers, users of the facility and the public promotes the profession of Arboriculture and the appreciation of nature’s largest living organisms.

It is with great anticipation that the Ontario Commercial Arborist Association, the member companies and the various volunteers they will provide, bring the 2009 Arborist Day of Service to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. All involved look forward serving the Gallery, the local community and the public by providing an Arborist Day of Service that will benefit that which Arborists appreciate most of all …… the trees.